Kaaren Kitchell and Richard Beban are two writers and photographers who now live in Paris and publish Paris Play for the delight and edification of all who love Paris, or want to know how.

NEW FEATURES!!!  By Request!!!

The first is a search box.  Just type whatever word you'd like into the search box, for example, Zeus, or Proust, and click on the arrow to the right of the box. That will bring up an index of every post and comment in which that word was used.  The same thing for phrases, if you use quotation marks around the phrase.  For example, "great croissant," or "Rolling Stones."

The second feature is RSS feeds. You can subscribe to Paris Play and have each new issue delivered, by clicking on the Journal RSS link, and following those directions. You can also subscribe to the comments section separately by clicking on Journal Comments RSS, and each time someone comments, you'll get a notice of same.

Thanks for asking, and we're glad we could figure out how to manage these little bits of tech wizardry, courtesy of our hosting site, Squarespace.